Revenge: can man be caught?

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    The theater-show “Revenge: can man be caught?” proposes the exhibition of an unprecedent experiment built from personal accounts of sexual abuses suffered by Verborrágika Collective members themselves. The sharing of these abuses shifts the desire for revenge into a scenic creation process with the House of Besher. Directed by Danna Lisboa, “Revenge: can man be caught?” brings, in provocative tones, the complaint of the culture of rape structured by the cis-heteropatriarchal society to which we are subjected. We are tired of being guilty of the violence commited to our bodies, and we won’t pay in the same coin. As anacondas, we’ll strengthen ourselves, lurking around, ready to the final attack.

    Direction: Danna Lisboa
    Performance: Emer Conatus, Laís Efstathiadis, Paulo Silva, Wini Lippi, Leo Braz
    Playwright: Laís Efstathiadis, Wini Lippi
    Production: Wini Lippi e Lais Efstathiadis
    Body Training: Danna Lisboa
    Costume and beauty design: Antônio Adriano
    Stagehands: Antônio Adriano, Emer Conatus, Paulo Silva, Leo Braz
    Soundtrack: Estúdio 131
    Graphic design: Antonio Brito
    Realization: Coletiva Verborrágika, House of Besher

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