Mix Music New Talents

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    » 19 novembro, sexta às 19h00 - Canto (60’) @ CCD | Livre
    » 20 novembro, sábado às 17h00 - Dança/Performance (60’) @ CCD | Livre
    » 20 novembro, sábado às 20h00 - Drag (60’) @ CCD | Livre

    Mix Music is the first music festival aimed at the LGBTQIA+ audience in Brazil and has been around since 2000 as the musical arm of the Mix Brasil Festival of Culture of Diversity. Created by producer and activist Andre Pomba, and curated by Hanilton Medeiros, this year Mix Music turns 22 years old. It will also held the already traditional and most anticipated Mix Music New Talents: Singing, Drag Queen and Dance Performance, with the always fun presentation of Silvetty Montilla.