Being plural: us, LGBTQIA+ indigenous people

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    “Indigenous resistance to the advance of the different faces of colonialism is essential and historical, and it is not by coincidence that relations and identities now called LGBTQIA+ have always been in the crosshairs of the colonizer. In this deeply contradictory year, still full of struggles, when hundreds of indigenous peoples occupied Brasília in the fight against the Milestone Thesis, we bring to discussion an important talk on the LGBTQIA+ indigenous experiences, that, in their plurality of bodies and backgrounds, occupy an emblematic social position of silencing, but also of considerable pride. ”

    Juão Nÿn: Juão Nÿn is a multi-artist. A Potyguar(a) person, 32-years-old, communicator activist at the indigenous movement APIRN (Indigenous People Articulation in the state of Rio Grande do Norte), member of the Estopô Balaio collective, the Teatro Interrompido theater company and vocalist/composer with the band AndroYde Sem Par. Holds a BA in Performing Arts at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). Lives between Natal and São Paulo for seven years.

    Thiago Vilanova: Thiago Vilanova is an indigenous artist from Maranhão, a state in northeastern Brazil, actor, dramaturg, drama teacher and art educator. Graduated as an actor at the Dramatic Art School of the University of São Paulo (USP), Escola Livre de Teatro (ELT) drama school in Santo André and Faculdade Paulista de Artes (FPA) arts school in São Paulo, and as a dramaturg at SESI British Council. Currently, he’s a drama teacher at Senac São Paulo and works as a dramaturg and actor at Amarelo Cia. de Teatro.

    Yakecan Potyguara: Activist, actress, potyguara indigenous person, dyke, indigenous photographer focusing on gender and sexuality. Founder of @yndygenaslgbt_crateus collective. In charge of Instagram page @literaturaindigenaceara. Leader of the Crateús Indigenous Youth, in Ceará.

    Juão Nyn
    Thiago Vilanova
    Yakecan Potyguara