Unlearning to Sleep

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    DIRECTION: Gustavo Vinagre
    CITY: SP
    YEAR: 2021
    DURATION: 96
    RATING: 18 y/o

    SYNOPSIS: Flávio loses his sexual appetite editing porn videos. José, his husband, is trying to create an equation that determines when humans will colonize Mars. Flávio is focused on a more internal journey, and José is trying to find ways to bring Flávio’s lust back. Meanwhile, Hypnos, god of sleep and youtuber, tries to give people back the art of rest. Official selection at Queer Lisboa.

    Elenco/Cast: Bruno Rudolf, Larissa Siqueira, Julia Katharine, Lucas Scudelari, Fábio Leal, Thais de Almeida Prado, Filipe Augusto, Carlos Escher, Rafael Rudolf, Gabriel Pessoto, Marcelo Diorio, Gustavo Vinagre e Caetano Gotardo
    Roteiro/Screenplay: Gustavo Vinagre
    Fotografia/Cinematography: Rafael Rudolf
    Montagem/Editing: João Marcos de Almeida
    Som/Sound: Rubén Valdés
    Música/Music: Victor Jaramillo
    Arte/Production Design: Gustavo Vinagre, Caetano Gotardo, Rafael Rudolf
    Produção/Production: Gustavo Vinagre