The City of Abysses

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    DIRECTION: Priscyla Bettim, Renato Coelho
    CITY: SP
    YEAR: 2021
    DURATION: 96
    RATING: 16 y/o

    SYNOPSIS: On a fateful Christmas Eve night, Glória, Maya, Bia and Kakule meet at a bar in downtown São Paulo. Amid loneliness, connections and breakdowns, Maya is murdered. An inexorable yearning for justice pervades the fate of the characters, who unite by jumping into the abyss. Official selection at IndieLisboa.

    Cast: Verónica Valenttino, Sofia Riccardi, Carolina Castanho, Guylain Mukendi, Marcelo Drummond, Paoli Gregori, Arrigo Barnabé, Claudio Willer, Padre Júlio Lancellotti, Danna Lisboa
    Screenplay: Priscyla Bettim
    Cinematography: Rodrigo Pannacci
    Editing: Caio Lazaneo
    Sound: Marina Bruno, Guile Martins
    Production: Renata Jardim, Renato Coelho, Cinediário

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