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    DIRECTION: Cássio Kelm
    CITY: PR
    YEAR: 2021
    DURATION: 31
    RATING: 12 y/o

    SYNOPSIS: At the beginning of the pandemic, a young transmasculine filmmaker ends up isolated in a small apartment with his elderly father. Day after day, he tries to get closer to his dad. Official selection at IDFA.

    Elenco/Cast: Alceu Jorge Nunes Soares, Cássio Kelm Soares
    Roteiro/Screenplay: Cássio Kelm
    Fotografia/Cinematography: Cássio Kelm
    Montagem/Editing: Cássio Kelm
    Som/Sound: Luiz Lepchak
    Produção/Production: Cássio Kelm

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