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    DIRECTION: Adrián Silvestre
    COUNTRY: Spain
    YEAR: 2021
    DURATION: 89
    RATING: 12 y/o

    SYNOPSIS: Six trans women travel to a small town in León where they will explore unusual landscapes, as well as the ins and outs of their own personalities. Looking for answers about what connects them as a group, they will learn to deal with their differences. Special Mention at Outfest Los Angeles. Honorable Mention at Outfest Los Angeles.

    Elenco/Cast: Magdalena Brasas, Alicia de Benito, Cristina Millán, Tina Recio, Saya Solana, Yolanda Terol
    Roteiro/Screenplay: Adrián Silvestre
    Fotografia/Cinematography: Laura Herrero Garvin
    Montagem/Editing: Adrián Silvestre
    Som/Sound: Anna Rajadell, Alejandra Molina
    Produção/Production: Adrián Silvestre, Javier Pérez Santana

    2016 Los Objetos Amorosos
    2014 Natalia Nikolaevna
    2012 Exit, Un corto a la Carta

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