Until the End

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    DIRECTION: Glenda Nicácio, Ary Rosa
    CITY: BA
    YEAR: 2020
    DURATION: 93
    RATING: 14 y/o

    Elenco/Cast: Wal Diaz, Arlete Dias, Maíra Azevedo, Jenny Muller
    Roteiro/Screenplay: Ary Rosa
    Fotografia/Cinematography: Augusto Bortolini, Poliana Costa, Thacle de Souza
    Montagem/Editing: Poliana Costa, Thacle de Souza
    Som/Sound: Napoleão Cunha
    Arte/Production Design: Glenda Nicácio
    Produção/Production: Glenda Nicácio

    SYNOPSIS: Geralda works in a seaside kiosk in Recôncavo of Bahia. After she receives a phone call from the hospital saying that her father could die at any moment. She calls her sisters Rose, Bel and Vilmar. The imminent death of their father brings together the four sisters who hadn’t seen each other since their mother’s death 15 years ago. Audience Award for Best Film at Tiradentes, Special Mention at Queer Lisboa.

    Directors: Ary Rosa e Glenda Nicácio


    “2020 Voltei!
    2018 Ilha
    2017 Café com Canela”

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